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Direct and Indirect speech

If you have ever confused in expressing what others have said, then you must learn this lesson of direct and indirect speech which will help you in learning English, especially communicative and spoken English. When you want to communicate properly with other person you need to know the methodology of delivery. Here I am explaining to you how to make use of direct and indirect speech rules.

Direct speech means you tell the exact words spoken by a person whom you met before. For example, Jisa Maria said, “I don’t love you.” In the given sentence we are telling the exact words I don’t love you spoken by Jisa Maria. We also use inverted commas while write to know that it is a direct speech or quoted speech.

Indirect Speech means you tell the words in your own way what Jisa Maria spoke to you. For example, Jisa Maria said that she did not love me. In this way we use mostly in communicative English. Direct speech, on the other hand is used mainly in written English.

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The other names we use for direct speech and indirect speech are Quoted Speech and Reported Speech. There are many other ways we can express. Many people call with different names but basically they are known as direct and indirect. This is very important in communicative English as many get confused when reporting what has been said.

Direct Indirect speech rules

1.She Says, “I am happy.”

She Says that she is happy.

2.She said,” I am happy.”

She said that she was happy.

  1. She said, ” I am going to market.”

She said that she was going to market

  1. She said,” I have gone to market.”

She said that she had gone to market.

  1. She said, ” I have been going to market.”

She said that she had been going to market.

  1. She said, ” I went to market.”

She said that she had gone to market.

  1. She said, ” I was going to market.”

She said that she had been going to market.

  1. She said, ” I had gone to market.”

She said that she had gone to market.

  1. She said, ” I had been going to market.”

She said that she had been going to market

Conclusion: This is to say that the above give are basic rules. And there are other small and minor rules about changing time and vice versa. I will be updating this article again when time arises.Meanwhile you can get more help from my latest upadates on the same topic




Engineering Degree Training Programs and Course Options

When looking to enter into a profession in the field of engineering you will first need to obtain an accredited education. This can be done through enrollment in a school, college, or degree program. You can train for the career you dream of by learning more about the available options in this exciting field. Studies can be completed at different educational levels and allow you to choose the specialized area of study that fits your personal goals. Begin training for a career by finding an accredited engineering school or college and enroll today.

Undergraduate degree training is available to you at several levels. This can allow you to select the educational path that meets your individual needs while preparing for a successful career. Training can be completed at the associate or bachelor levels which will require different amounts of time to complete.

Associate degrees typically take two years of accredited career study to earn.
Bachelor degree programs can require four years of training in order to complete.

When looking to receive an accredited undergraduate degree in engineering you will have the chance to learn a variety of subjects. Coursework will vary but can include topics like physical chemistry, hydrogeology, communication systems, engineering principles, and other courses. Training in these areas can help you to prepare for a career working as a professional materials scientist, environmental planner, nuclear engineer, and other related professions. You can enter the career you desire by completing an accredited undergraduate degree training program in engineering, o r furthering education at the graduate level.

Graduate degree programs can be completed at the master and doctoral degree levels. You can choose to earn a degree at the graduate level to gain a more advanced education in the field. Training length will vary based on the level of degree that you decide to pursue, and the career desired.

Master degree programs will take an additional two years of study to complete.
Doctoral degrees require an additional four years of accredited training to obtain.

You can obtain knowledge and skills in various subjects at the graduate degree level of education. Coursework may include studies like drafting, information technology, thermodynamics, computer science, and much more. With an accredited education you can expect to enter the workforce prepared for careers as a biomedical engineer, testing specialist, mechanical engineer, and many other professions. By learning more about the opportunities available to you, you can find the school or college that is right for you and enroll in a graduate degree training program today.

Fully accredited educational training programs are able to provide you with a quality education that can help you succeed in the career you choose. Accrediting agencies like the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology ( ) can provide full accreditation to the schools and colleges that meet all requirements necessary to offer students the best quality education available. You can begin the path to an exciting career and future by enrolling in a higher education engineering program today.


Engineering Universities in India – An Overview

India is another biggest nation in the world which imparts better education to suit global requirements. India got both private and public universities. Government of India and local state governments support these universities. There are few universities under the control of private societies. Most of them are listed top in South Asian universities ranking.

All the engineering education in the universities comes under technical education. National Policy on Education (NPE) formed to govern regulations and development of higher education engineering. The prestigious IIT (Indian Institute of technology) and IIIT (Indian Institute of Information technology) are peak courses. Besides this various Regional Engineering colleges and few private famous engineering colleges imparts better education in engineering.

The admission procedures and entrance examination for the admission differs from state to state in India. All over India there is 27% of private education available through various universities. When going for private institutes it's always suggestible to have knowledge on infrastructure needed for education in that institute. Most of institutes lacking in expertise staff to teach students.

Overall the kind of education given by each university is perfectly monitored by concerned authorities. A regular academic period is maintained strictly. It helps to plan a student future in a right path. Education in Indian universities is very interactive particularly for engineering studies.

The courses designed for engineering studies in Indian universities are perfectly matched to global requirement. The curriculum will be changed regularly according to the current industry needs. This gives a perfect cutting edge for students in grabbing opportunities.

Indian government takes all the required measures to maintain proper education for youth by allocating ample budget every year. This budget enables each university to meet all the needs to keep the curriculum tailor made to the current global standards.


Online Education in Engineering for a Career in Engineering

An online education in engineering is a great option for anyone who would like to pursue an engineering career. However, it is an even greater option for individuals who would like to pursue a career in engineering but want the conveniences of online learning. An online education in engineering provides the convenience of studying from a location suitable to the student, as long as the student has an Internet connection and the required computer software. It also provides the convenience of time flexibility as students can listen to course lectures at a time that is convenient. While campus courses will have fixed timings for lectures, one can listen to an online lecture in their own time. This makes for a flexible time schedule. However, while the schedule can be more flexible, it is important to avoid procrastination. Being organized and avoiding procrastination while pursuing an education in engineering is especially important because the demands of an engineering course can be quite intense, and once a student starts lagging behind, it is difficult to catch up.

There are several online education engineering programs that are available to students interested in an online education, although, there are even more online programs in other areas of study, such as business. An online education in engineering can pave the way to a successful career in engineering. An engineering profession is often quite high paying and prestigious, and to obtain an engineering job, candidates are expected to have a qualification in engineering to prove that they have the required knowledge. While an online education in engineering can lead to a successful career, the course requires plenty of studying of course material.

Usually students enrolled in online education engineering programs are expected to take a few core subjects. These include mathematics and physics. The course requirements also vary depending on the type of engineering qualification a student wants to gain. There are many different types of engineers, such as mechanical engineers, computer engineers, and chemical engineers. Anyone interested in an online education in engineering will have to find out if the type of engineering they are interested in is offered online, as not all engineering programs are available online. While online courses have many benefits and are recognized, some students may prefer a campus based engineering program as being part of a campus community allows for more social exposure and lets students have face to face interaction with professors and fellow students.


The Role of Skill Development and Higher Education in Economic Growth

For shaping the future of state, government is promoting skill development centers and higher education centers. Some major expansion has been done by state government in the field of higher education. Engineering colleges have become the prime center for nurturing talent. Top engineering colleges are busy in producing talented engineers year after year.

Role of Higher Education: Higher education plays a key role in the development of any country, state or region. The chance of economic growth of any state is as good as the pool of their skilled people. No plan of economic development can succeed without skilled people, as economic development depends a lot on the quality of resources they have.

When it comes to higher education shaping the economic development in any state, engineers play a key role. Since infrastructure development is a key thing for economic boost of the state; hence, engineers become vital as they play key role in the construction of roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, railway tracks and many other things.

Higher education also helps in shaping the future of people as skilled people not only get good employment opportunities they also create employment for other as well. Skill development program has helped people to become self-reliant and financially independent.

Roles of Higher Education Institutions: Role of educational institution has changed a lot over the years, unlike the earlier years where most colleges and universities focused on traditional courses, nowadays these higher education institutions offer different programs which not only help them develop certain skill sets but also these programs are designed according to the need of corporate sector, the aim is to groom youngsters in such a way that they become industry ready.

For years Indian educational system was considered as a system which could only produces clerks and it has changed a lot. Nowadays engineering and management has become the preferred choice of the youngsters. Higher education institutions also focusing in developing more entrepreneurs these days in this way they help state government to resolve the issue of unemployment. Skilled people create their own employment rather than someone who holds a degree and wait for someone else to provide him or herself employment.

The number of educational institutions is growing every year with private institutions and universities making their impact as well. With growing demand of quality engineers and management graduates number of institution and universities has started mushrooming. One needs to be very careful while selecting from engineering colleges.


Online Engineering Courses In The 21st Century

It should not be surprising that engineers are making full use of the internet for educational purposes. Engineering programs are at the forefront of innovative online education.

Engineering Degrees

Many engineering schools offer bachelors degrees, graduate certificates, masters degrees and doctoral degrees online. The standard distance learning colleges offer online engineering courses, but so do some of the best engineering colleges and universities in the country. Unlike other professions, in engineering, an online degree is completely equal to a traditional degree.

Continuing Education

Engineers will find plenty of online engineering courses for continuing education. Most will satisfy continuing education requirements for PE (Professional Engineer) licensure. A lot can be applied toward an advanced degree. You can find online continuing education in any area of engineering-industrial, civil, mining-all of the engineering specialties.

Some universities offer what they call non-credit short courses for engineers, too. These courses allow them to keep up with the latest developments in a fast-changing field without the study time necessary for regular college courses.

In order to improve initial and continuing education for mechanical engineers, the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) has partnered with several very good, accredited engineering schools to provide online courses in Mechanical Engineering. This is an example of members of the engineering profession ensuring the quality of education for new members of their profession.

One very cool development in online engineering courses is MIT's Open Courseware Program. The program crosses all fields of study, but is especially pertinent to engineers because MIT is the premier engineering school in the country. The Open Courseware Program makes all of MIT's classes available online for free. The school cautions that this is for independent study, and it's not the same as a for-credit MIT class, where there is student-instructor interaction. It is, however, a great learning resource for engineers.

Computers and online education and training are increasingly part of the engineering world. Men and women earn their engineering degrees by taking online courses, and then they earn advanced degrees by taking online engineering courses. They do continuing education online. They use the internet for every facet of engineering education.